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  • Polishing Personal Presentation and Manner
  • Addressing and Overcoming Speaking/Communication Anxiety
  • Last-Minute Presentation 911
  • Executive Presence
  • Media Training
  • Reducing Accents for Clarity and Intelligibility
  • Improving Vocal Quality
  • Cultivating a More Effective Communication Style
  • Incorporating and Interacting with Audio/Visual Aids
  • Developing Tools for Dynamic Speaking
  • Conducting Communication 360° Interviews
  • Sharpening Presentation Skills for Attorneys

Custom Workshops, Programs and Seminars Designed for Your Company:

Previous Programs Include:

Learning to Love Presenting

The PowerPoint Whisperer™

Presentation Preparation: When Time is Short

10 Secrets for Great Communication™

Acting Techniques for Dynamic Presenting

Own the Joint Using PowerPoint

Beyond the Profit Motive: Make Them CARE

Crafting Presentations to Inspire Action

Presentation Skills for Diplomats

Great New Ideas for Good Old Networking

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a Coach with a Unique Approach

Presentation and Speaking Coaching

THE GOAL: Facilitate the emergence of an authentic, unique personal style - no one-size-fits-all system, but develop what is best in the individual.

THE METHOD: One-on-one coaching combining skills and techniques developed over years of training and professional experience in the performing arts as well as delivering successful corporate presentations and public speaking.

THE RESULT: The emergence of a strong individual communication style while diminishing personal obstacles to
successful self-presentation.

Accent Reduction Coaching

THE CHALLENGE: Many speaking English as a second or third language have never been given direct, one-on-one feedback for challenging sounds and stress patterns that exist in English and nowhere else. They are doomed to being misunderstood and potentially disregarded due to simple issues of pronunciation and style, despite their competence and expertise.

THE METHOD: Knowledge and use of the phonetic alphabet and the physiology and mechanics of sound production come together in one-on-one sessions including interactive work, exercises and audio materials. Customized “homework” complements the work done in session.

THE RESULT: New awareness and a change in habits allowing the expertise and personality of the client to shine through, improving communication at work and elsewhere.

Communication Style Development Coaching

Understanding how we currently communicate is the first step to making positive change. Through detailed observation and constructive feedback, communication may be greatly improved to better reflect clear intentions and increase the probability of a positive outcome.

Each client is thoughtfully assessed to help determine the image and intentions currently being presented. Then the focus shifts to examine the goals of good communication and the skills and techniques to incorporate to reach these goals. This new insight and behavior allows the best of the individual to come out and leads to greater confidence and success.

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