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Client Reviews

"Stephanie is exceedingly professional and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, she delivers excellent results! Her expertise goes beyond just the delivery of presenting and speaking; Stephanie helps her clients think about content organization, development of visual aids, and a variety of aspects that contribute to more effective communication. I highly recommend Stephanie as a speech consultant."

Miriam Ort
Sr Director, Human Resources Global Operations, Procurement, and Transformation, Pepsico,
New York, NY

"Stephanie showed me how one word or phrase and a certain intonation can influence the outcome of a speech. After one session, I began to reap the rewards of her coaching and after a series of sessions, I have been killing it. Stephanie is whip-smart, intuitive, analytical and an absolute pleasure to work with. With her invaluable help and patient support, I can now speak concisely and confidently in any setting about what sets my company apart."

Sloan Gaon
CEO, Pulsepoint,
New York, NY

"Stephanie was a pleasure to work with from the moment we began our partnership. Stephanie is intuitive, friendly, creative and reliable. She tuned in to our firm's specific needs and objectives and created custom solutions that delivered tangible results. 90% of the participants from a workshop that Stephanie conducted indicated "strongly agree" when asked if they would hire Stephanie again and if the workshop was a valuable use of time. It can be challenging to find a consultant who is willing to go above and beyond to meet client needs, but Stephanie delivered!"

Jenessa Disler
Associate, Corgan,
Dallas, TX

"Stephanie was a huge help in preparing for speaking presentations. She is extremely organized and very thorough with regard to details. I highly recommend her."

Robert Richter
Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management,
New York, NY

"Great communication is really very hard and Stephanie Silverman is a sherpa of public speaking. So when I first brought Stephanie in to coach the CEOs of the ten companies in my portfolio, I was impressed that she did her homework on each of the companies. Her attention to detail and preparation meant that the training she conducted was incredibly relevant and resonated with the CEOs. But what's more, with her background in professional acting, voice recording and a long history of coaching executives, participating in her training is like watching a master at work, revealing secrets and an art. This isn't material that can be found in books, for example, practical advice on what to do a week before a talk, a day before, minutes before a talk. Everything from confidence improvement to enunciation, soup to nuts. Stephanie is the real deal and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone preparing for a public speech."

Calvin Chu
Managing Director, R/GA Accelerator Powered by Techstars,
New York, NY

"Stephanie is a top-notch presentation coach with an unerring ear for what will resonate (and what won't) with the audience and a knack for distilling vague and / or longwinded thoughts into pithy, relevant kernels of wisdom. She is able to deliver highly candid feedback with warmth and humor - a rare skill - and has an enthusiasm for what she does that is contagious. I always enjoy our work together and have recommended her to clients and colleagues alike. Stephanie is terrific!"

Eden Abrahams
Founder, Clear Path Executive Coaching,
New York, NY

"I asked Stephanie to help me prepare for a presentation that had to deliver an important message to our employees. In addition to helping me be more prepared to effectively deliver the message she took the time to understand my company's culture which helped shape the presentation immensely. Although I initially asked for help to better the delivery, Stephanie went far beyond and acted as a business coach. The result was a huge success and I plan to work with her in the future!"

Thomas D'Agostino, Jr.
Founder, Smartsource LLC,
New York, NY

"I've had the pleasure of working with Stephanie, both on a one-on-one basis, as well as working with our group on oral presentations at Evercore Trust. I think she does a superb job with both individual speakers (even if you are comfortable speaking in front of audience, her insights on how to improve your performance are spot-on) as well as helping you to better manage the difficult dynamic of individuals presenting in a group before clients or large audiences. She's a great resource and partner."

Bill Ryan
Managing Director, Evercore Trust,
New York, NY

"Stephanie was able to provide what we were looking for and more. Her professionalism comes through in every working session. Within our organization, our presentations as well as our presentations skills have improved dramatically. . . all because of Stephanie's work. We expect to continue our relationship with Stephanie because there is still so much more that we can learn from her."

Larry Sedillo
Field Senior Vice President, Allstate
Hauppauge, NY

"I am very happy to recommend Stephanie Silverman as an excellent communication skills consultant and trainer. . . I think I have had significant progress in my presentations skills, communication styles awareness and accent reduction (I am a non-native English speaker). She carefully assessed my communication patterns and then provided various training methods to improve my communication skills. She is an outstanding professional in this field"

Kozo Suzuki
Principal, KPMG, LLP
New York, NY

"I had the pleasure of participating in one of Stephanie's training workshops on public speaking. It was, without a doubt, the best training I have ever participated in. Her expertise was immediately apparent, and her enthusiasm was infectious, as she gave us advice on how to build an effective presentation, as well as tips for improving delivery. I found it incredibly helpful, both in helping rethink my attitude toward presenting as well as giving me specific tips and tools I can use to be a more effective presenter in the future. I walked out of the training completely inspired and energized, and can honestly say that I will approach all future speaking opportunities as a challenge to meet & excel at, rather than an experience to be dreaded & endured."

Vanessa Wyeth
Peace and Conflict Advisor, OECD
New York, NY

"Stephanie has done a great job assisting me in building and executing powerful presentations."

John Woloshyn
Senior Vice President, Sales
New York, NY

"Stephanie was able to understand my needs very quickly and developed a method and a learning process that attended my expectations. She is very experienced in dealing with clients from different regions of the world and with specific needs."

João Faria
President Eaton Latin America and Vice President Eaton Electrical Latin America Eaton Corporation
São Palulo, Brazil

"It was an extremely positive experience working with Stephanie! She was a true professional, as well as being welcoming and warm. She made me feel at home immediately. In a two hour session she was able to provide invaluable feedback on my speech, delivery and prescence. I took away a long list of pointers and recommendations that I was then able to apply to my presentation. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to refine or fine tune their speaking skills. It was such a pleasure working with Stephanie, and I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Kaitlin Roig
Teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary
Founder, Classes4Classes
Newtown, CT

"Stephanie's knowledge on public speaking is unsurpassed and provided a great value. She was able to take a pitch I was making from a dull and robotic feel to one that was natural and fluid. Great results and I highly recommend her services."

Preston Reed
CEO & Co-Founder Footmarks
New York, NY

 "Stephanie is very patient and tailors her approach to the needs at hand to accomplish results."

Debra K. Sloane
Assistant Vice President, Retail, Cartier
New York, NY

"Stephanie was a big help in improving both my presentation and public speaking skills. She was able to polish my speaking approach very effectively and taught me some valuable communication skills in a very short period of time. She is definitely a competent professional . . ."

George Marusic
CFA, Ontario Medical Association
Toronto, Ontario Canada

"Stephanie's services will elevate your career. It's that simple. Hire her and your life will change for the better. It's not often that you come across people who are able to take your career to the next level in just a few hours, but Stephanie is one of them. She gets to know your personal style quickly and then customizes an action plan that creates a level of effectiveness like no other. I'm thrilled that I was introduced to her by the Techstars team."

Jeanniey Mullen
Marketing Leader, Innovative Solutions, Mercer
New York, NY

"I am very happy to recommend Stephanie Silverman to anyone in need of public speaking coaching. She is simply excellent! I took one of Stephanie's training workshops on public speaking and it was extremely useful in identifying my shortcomings and getting the right tips to improve my style, delivery, posture, and accent. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her field, very experienced in advising how to build an effective presentation, as well as how to improve delivery. We found her so good that we decided to use her services for a training course we provide to diplomats from around the world. Each training has been received enthusiastically by all participants, which is a sign of Stephanie's skills to work with different cultures and presentation styles. She is inspiring, totally reliable, and very likable person to work with."

Francesco Mancini
Senior Director of Research, International Peace Institute
New York, NY

"I am not a natural speaker. As my speech coach, Stephanie worked with me to improve my public speaking skills. She helped me to learn techniques necessary to communicate forcefully; she helped me to analyze and organize my ideas and make effective presentations with confidence."

Ragupathy Veluswamy
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Wyoming Valley Healthcare System
Scranton, PA

"I worked with Stephanie while participating in the R/GA Connected Devices Accelerator - Powered by Techstars. Stephanie taught me the tricks needed to successfully present my company at Demo Day - which was a critical moment for my company, Enertiv. Her deep experience in public speaking helped take my presentation to new levels and greatly increased my confidence on stage. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who's looking to become a more effective public speaker."

Connell McGill
CEO & Co-Founder, Enertiv
New York, NY

"Stephanie worked with me on a specific presentation that had to be drafted quickly with a minimum of practice time. She provided excellent feedback on clarity of content, presentational style and suggested activities to deter anxiety. After working with her, I was noticeably more confident in my ability to effectively deliver my message to a large group on a technical subject."

SVP and Chief Accounting Officer, Thomson Reuters
Stamford, CT

". . .After I was asked to present to the CPA Society of a mid-sized western city. . . I began a thorough search for a speech coach to assist with my preparation for this large public speaking engagement. I have anxiety about public speaking and this engagement was to be the largest group I had ever spoken in front of. I interviewed a number of speech coaches and quickly concluded that Stephanie was the most qualified to help me overcome my anxiety. Little did I know that her coaching would prove invaluable in more ways than one. . . After each session I was amazed at our progress. . . and at the conclusion. . ., not only had I come very close to completely overcoming my public speaking fear, but I was able to enter the engagement with confidence that until then I thought was not possible. Stephanie has a great background, super demeanor and had the ability to assist me with my presentation content as well as delivery. . . The coaching that Stephanie provided has proved useful in smaller speaking situations with clients or prospects . . .It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Stephanie without reservation. If you have any questions about this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me." full review

Scott Chantigny
Principal, Gerard Capital, LLC.
New York, NY

"I hired Stephanie to help me feel more at ease with some speaking engagements I had booked, and it was a great investment! She is an expert in her field, went above and beyond, truly cares about her clients, and provided a level of support that I could not have even dreamed of. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Lora Sasiela, LCSW, BCD
Psychotherapist, Speaker – Financially Smitten,
New York, NY

"I asked Stephanie to coach me when I had to shoot a commercial for my Acupuncture Practice. I have media experience, having been a musician/producer at another point in my life, and was expecting just some finishing suggestions. I got that, but in addition what I got was a fresh perspective, encouraging support, and focused intention with my performance. Really great to work with someone who knows how to help you get the best out of your performance and ultimately yourself. Thanks for your great work Stephanie!"

Phil Veneziano, MS, TCM
Owner/Chief Practitioner – Seven Point Wellness,
New York, NY

“The level of expertise Stephanie brings has made a huge impact with our facilitator training.  She has demonstrated the ability to adapt her content to fit the needs of any company.”

Robin Guido
Field Readiness Liaison, Leading International Software Corporation
San Jose, CA

"It was a pleasure working with Stephanie. She was a great help in preparing for presentations. She is very creative, thorough and organized. I highly recommended Stephanie."

Roger Estafanos
Senior Vice President, Payer Strategy, Entree Health, A CDM Group Company
New York, NY

"How can I thank you? You are like the friend that few of us have, but all desperately need. . . the one who leans in and says, ‘Psst, you’ve got spinach in your teeth.’ You were great in helping me break my worst habits by gently calling attention to things I’ve always done, but never knew – they were totally unconscious mannerisms."

Khelly Miller Agee
Author – Producer – Coach
Park City, UT

“Thanks again for the priceless help. Not only was our work extremely useful, but we had a good deal of fun in the process! There's no question but that my presentation will be exponentially stronger for having worked with you. Your attention to the nuances of speech and body language, to just how much information to include, to the idea of applying "actions". . .so that my talk remains conversational and smooth, were all extremely important contributions you made. I'd work with you again in a heartbeat!”

April Lane Benson, PhD
Psychologist, Founder, Stopping Overshopping LLC
New York, NY

 "Stephanie’s public speaking workshop was a great learning experience to all of us and an opportunity to get out of our "shells" and to learn about something that we all need to be able to master. It was evident that she had put a lot of time and thought into developing the material, which was effective and clear. Additionally, her energy transformed the room and made us all feel relaxed and able to take in and learn."

Pim Valdre
Political Affairs Officer, Office of the Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations & Director of External Relations, International Peace Institute
New York, NY

 "As Stephanie trained our speakers she was able to make a positive difference in each trainee's presentation style, regardless of their level of experience.  She is very patient, gives thoughtful feedback, and shows insight that allows the best to emerge from each person she coaches. She seems to really enjoy helping others to do their best and that enthusiasm shows in the quality of her work."

Carol Calfa Allen
Program Development Supervisor, National Notary Association
Chatsworth, CA

“Stephanie provided invaluable assistance to me in my preparation for a lengthy presentation to a professional organization. She instilled a great sense of confidence and provided practical recommendations related to materials, subject matter and style. I implemented all her suggestions - and the presentation was a resounding success! I truly could not have done it without her. I am certain that Stephanie's expertise would be beneficial to anyone, whether first time or experienced speakers.”

Lauren M. S. Bolfango, Esq.
Partner, Bolfango & McKown, LLP
San Francisco, CA

“Stephanie is an excellent teacher who consistently demonstrates a high level of preparation and energy. As my colleague at the National Notary Association, Stephanie was charged with presenting six-hour seminars to large groups nationwide, as well as training other speakers. Her lively and entertaining approach to the subject matter made her seminars more than just a learning experience.”

Armando Aguirre
National Notary Association
Chatsworth, CA

“Stephanie excelled at creating a public speaking workshop designed to meet the specific needs of our staff. We not only appreciated her individual attention, but also benefited all the more because of her in-depth knowledge and her assured preparation, delivery and flexibility.”

Taimi Strehlow
International Peace Institute
New York, NY

“Stephanie is a talented coach on the art, form and effectiveness of business speaking. Focusing on a customized approach, she guides her clients to finding their optimized and natural communication style. Working with Stephanie proved to be an invaluable developmental and career-growth experience. Thank you, Stephanie, for the impact you have had on my presentation style—I look forward to working with you on future projects!”

Elizabeth Katz
VP, Supply & Business Development, LucidMedia
New York, NY

“Working with Stephanie was fantastic. She helped me improve the way I communicate through speaking in a clear and articulate manner. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Sarah Beugoms
Public Relations and Marketing, Jimlar
New York, NY

“Stephanie is a results oriented, effective speech coach. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her over the past year. After a few short sessions the transformation in my presentations was remarkable and my confidence skyrocketed. In addition to Stephanie’s coaching expertise, I found her to be a woman of integrity, warmth, and sincerity; an overall genuinely caring individual dedicated to the success of her clients. Stephanie is one of a kind with an exceptional talent and passion for what she does and what she brings to the table. I highly recommend Stephanie Silverman.”

Darlene Hall, RN
Author, The Mind–Body–God Connection
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“We have enjoyed having Stephanie here not only for the work that she has done but also for the positive contribution she has made with her dynamic personality and diplomatic interpersonal skills."

Peter Bemis
President and CEO, Bemis Balkind LLC
Los Angeles, CA

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