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The News About Coaching

"…An organization may trawl externally for talent, but it is the effective use of internal talent that builds sustained, valuable accomplishments. ."

The Unnecessary War for Talent
by Harold D. Stolovitch, Ph.D.
Talent Management Magazine  August, 2009

"…Most coaches are hired by businesses to help up-and-coming executives or those who have arrived but still lack that certain je ne sais quoi. Human resource professionals say it is money well spent because it gives employees -- and companies -- an edge in a hypercompetitive world…almost half of 168 companies surveyed in 2005 provide development training and coaching to high-potential employees."

A C.E.O. Needs a Certain Shine Best Learned at Finishing School
by Hillary Chura
New York Times  August 27, 2006

“…one-on-one interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot. And whereas coaching was once viewed by many as a tool to help correct underperformance, today it is becoming much more widely used in supporting top producers. In fact, in a 2004 survey by Right Management Consultants (Philadelphia), 86 percent of companies said they used coaching to sharpen the skills of individuals who have been identified as future organizational leaders.”

What an Executive Coach Can Do for You
by Paul Michelman
Harvard Management Update, June 13, 2005

“Whether to appear more confident, better organized or to stop the ‘ums,’ entrepreneurs are realizing good voice and presentation skills can help them come into their own and even compete against larger competitors with big marketing budgets…
…Even though business owners may be experts in their fields, that does not automatically translate into being able to market themselves verbally. Many agree that speaking concisely — and in a compelling way — lends credibility. While poor communication skills are not necessarily deadly, they can make it more challenging to win over potential investors, prospective clients, employees and business partners.”

-Um, Uh, Like Call in the Speech Coach
By Hillary Chura
New York Times, January 11, 2007

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